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August 3, 2007
London Manager on Low Wheat Inventories, Mass Urbanization, OPEC
The 'commodities super cycle' is not a marketing gimmick. Krom River Commodity Fund senior fund manager Chris Brodie explains why.

June 20, 2006
Should You Add Commodities to Your Investment Mix? (free registration required)
Anyone who has been paying even mild attention to the financial markets over the past few years has probably noticed the stunning gains in commodities markets. Karen Wallace Weighs the benefits and risks of the commodities asset class.

April 5, 2006
Are Commodities Futures Too Risky for Your Portfolio? Hogwash! (free registration required)
Learn why it is important to allocate your money to commodities.

March 2006
Separating the Wheat from the Chaff
Backwardation has proven to be a long-term driver of commodity futures performance. The article is supported by evidence from soy, corn and wheat futures from 1950 to 2004.

September/October 2005
Riding the Wave
"It is one thing to know that there are diversified commodity indexes. It is another thing entirely to know how to use them effectively when making investment decisions or designing products." Timothy J. Collins reveals everything you always wanted to know about commodities indexes but were afraid to ask.

April 26, 2005
It Takes Crude to Contango
One of the real problems involved with rules of thumb is the tendency of thumbs to show up in the most unexpected places. Discover the truths and lies behind the rules of thumb for crude oil.

February 23, 2005
The Case For Commodities (free registration required)
Commodities and commodity futures are not widely owned. But commodity futures have actually outperformed stocks on a risk-adjusted basis.

June 14, 2004
Facts and Fantasies About Commodity Futures (abstract: full article requires purchase)
K. Geert Rouwenhorst and Gary B. Gorton constructed an equally-weighted index of commodity futures to study simple properties of commodity futures as an asset class.

April 2004
What You Should Know About Commodity Indexes
Due to its inherent negative or low correlation to traditional asset classes and historically positive response to unexpected inflation, direct commodity investment has a place in every investment portfolio.

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